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Allegory Advisory Services

Please consider the following services, and indicate via the Contact page any interest you may have. In keeping with the Getting Started process, we can discuss how to tailor the service(s) in question to your individual goals and objectives. Doing so will help determine the scope of a potential engagement. Should you decide not to proceed, there is no obligation.


Investment Planning

Advice on investment products such as mutual funds, stocks and bonds, and how a collection of those assets fit into a long-term investment plan. My experience in financial risk management consulting, and my experience building and managing my own portfolio informs my approach to investing. I elaborate on this approach in my blog (the Advisory Notebook). If you already have an investment plan, I will assess that plan's suitability for your long-term financial goals. If you are just beginning to invest, I will develop a tailored investment plan based on your time horizon, risk appetite and other relevant personal factors. The product of this type on an engagement is an investment plan that you implement with my help on an intermittent basis along the way.


Portfolio Management

Investment management of the mix of assets commensurate with your long-term investment plan. As part of this service, I design a portfolio tailored to your needs, and produce an investment policy statement. These documents serve to ensure we are in agreement on the portfolio management approach. Most important, the portfolio management service involves the implementation of your tailored investment plan. As such, this service involves thorough discussions about issues ranging from theory to practice of investing. I manage this service through a broker-dealer and custodian with a track record helping registered investment advisory firms like mine serve clients. This integrated approach enables me to build, manage and maintain a sensible strategy for helping you achieve your long-term investment goals. As such, this service is distinct from the investment planning process in that in addition to producing the investment plan, I implement the plan for you.